+++ I enjoyed the course very much and learned a lot. Petros is a great teacher! There wasn’t a boring moment at all. Besides, I appreciated his effort to address my most important issues. Thank you very much for everything! Loes F., Netherlands. +++ Absolutely the best training I have attended. Z. Chunmao, China. +++ Interesting, creative, surprising training. You will enjoy it. Marlena S., Poland. +++ The trainer was awesome. Mitchell S., Australia. +++ The trainer was very motivating and entertaining. Very good structure, never boring. Monika L., Dubai. +++ Petros manages to break down difficult topics into understandable building blocks. David R., UK. +++ Petros provides an excellent training course both on clarifying details and providing me with an overall understanding of the fixed income world that I did not have before. Within weeks of attending the course I got promoted to a more senior role. Merlin M., USA. +++ His focused training interventions provided me with all I needed to pass my exams. Henry M., Switzerland. +++ I got all my staff trained by Petros and their understanding of Capital Markets has taken a quantum leap. Lee W., USA. +++ Excellent course. Manik A., USA. +++ This is the best course I have ever attended. Cornelius P., USA. +++ I learned very much from my Bonds course taught by Petros Geroulanos. The course not only provided me with the tools to understand and price bonds, but also with other useful practical information. It was a multicultural class of quality and respect. It was dynamic with clear and accurate information. It is highly recommendable. Fides N., Mexico. +++ The course was informative, interesting and pertinent to the national and international markets. It provided me with background knowledge and a clear understanding of the Bond arena. I would definitely recommend the course and more importantly Mr Geroulanos. He is not only well versed on the course material but an excellent presenter. Malanee N., South Africa. +++ All three days where excellent. Brett M., USA. +++ Petros is simply excellent. Thanks to his clarity, very complex issues become easy and understandable to the great satisfaction of trainees. I go back very often to the notes of that seminar and find them at any time clear and useful. Anna G., Italy. +++ Petros guided us wonderfully through the material. He would spare no expense to answer questions and make his answers relevant to all. Maximilian H., Germany. +++ I have attended a number of courses conducted by Petros (including capital markets and Basel related courses) over the past few years. I have learnt a great deal during those courses – Petros is an excellent lecturer; not only is he technically sound, he would ensure that the content of his courses are kept up-to-date with case studies which are relevant to the current market environment, globally as well as within Asia. Petros is a very effective communicator – his classes are never dull and he always keeps the participants engaged. Petros is certainly one of the best course conductors I’ve seen and I definitely would not hesitate to sign up for another relevant course conducted by him. Kingston P., Singapore. +++ I never thought I would learn that much in your class. Aymeric C., France. +++ All fantastic! Dale P., South Africa. +++ The use of practical examples to explain concepts made it easy to understand and remember. Matlhodi S., South Africa. +++ Petros’ excellent knowledge and use of relevant examples kept the 4-day course very interesting. Zaba G., South Africa. +++ I learnt sooo much from the course: Advanced Bonds, Swaps and other Fixed Income Applications Workshop. Thanks for making the course so interactive, made a huge difference in the learning! Neevashni P., South Africa. +++ This course is much more practical compared with other courses I have attended. Fatayl A., Malaysia. +++ Very practical course. Can be applied to the job. John C., Malaysia. +++ This course was much better than what I have attended in the past. It is good to know the history behind the birth of various financial instruments. Puneet B., USA. +++ Better explanations of basic concepts than I have seen before. Griffin N., USA. +++ Knowledgeable and clear spoken instructor made the course feel faster. I liked the lack of PowerPoint. Douglas I., USA. +++ Very good. Good ‘story’ and build up. I appreciated Petros ability to ‘wrap’ and ‘tie’ the topics. Ian G., USA. +++ Much more in-depth than MBA level courses. Kevin Y., USA. +++ Content was extremely useful and delivered effectively. Fantastic presentations skills. Matt T., USA. +++ The most interesting thing has been the stories through which the content was contextualised. Wan Muhammad ., Malaysia. +++ I loved the case studies and real stories about the financial crisis. Esvina C., Malaysia. +++ The math behind the different theories and how they are interlinked was the best part of this course. T. Wei Jian, Malaysia. +++ The extensive coverage of relevant concepts/principals and relevant real life examples and case studies made this a most valuable experience. Darrel N., Malaysia. +++ This course allowed me to understand the banking world, the products and the current situation in the global financial markets. Ahmad Sheran S., Malaysia. +++ Able to keep participants interested and awake on a very dry subject matter. Jacqueline R., Malaysia. +++ The illustration of the building blocks of swaps was amazing. C. Chong Hin, Malaysia. +++ Petros is a very experienced course director using real life case studies as examples to illustrate a point. This helped my understanding. Alain P., Malaysia. +++ It was great to follow your course. Probably one of the best teaching experiences I've ever had! I'm currently working in the structured product department in Capital Markets and I'm using my learnings in fixed income on an everyday basis. Sébastien N., France. +++ Many thanks for the two weeks you spent with us, frankly you are the best professor we have met here and the one inspired us the most. Skema student, France. +++ Thank you very much, Mister Geroulanos, for the last unforgettable two weeks and the excellent lectures. L. Ding, China. +++ I took Mr PETROS's Fixed income class at SKEMA business school. He is one of the greatest teachers I’ve met. He makes challenging concepts easy to understand. Yassine C., Morocco. +++ The way Petros teaches makes it very understandable and very interesting. It is undoubtedly the best course and teacher I’ve had in financial markets. Tony L., France. +++ Thank you very much for teaching us those days. You are one of the best teachers I have ever met. L. Yanwen, China. +++ Petros provided a very good overview of the international market and the input of regulatory constraints on Malaysian banks. Megat O., Malaysia. +++ Mr Petros is excellent in keeping the attention level of the course participants high. He is engaging and does a good job in explaining the course content. Richard L., Malaysia. +++ His level of energy is appropriate. Very effective presentation skills. F. Hau Voon, Malaysia. +++ Development of great real trade ideas, market and regulatory update! Rohana D., Malaysia. +++ The class and speaker is cool. Mohamed D., Malaysia. +++ Although the training took only a day, Petros managed to cover everything that I needed to know. Excellent trainer. Noorfaizury F., Malaysia. +++ This is my 3rd course with Petros. He is always very clear and systematic in explaining topics. Lynn C., Malaysia. +++ Very clear, informative and comprehensive course. S. Hai Yoong, Malaysia. +++ The Money Markets and Foreign Exchange course is just as good as the bond courses by Petros. Much better than any other courses I attended. Julien R., UK. +++ The presenter covered the expected topics and also went out of his way to explain a number of topics that were requested by the participants. Overall excellent! Michail M., UK. +++ Good practical example and clear explanation. Seohan S., Malaysia. +++ Given the short time, the trainer made every effort to understand the area of interest of the participants and focus on the relevant areas accordingly. Bravo. C. Yee Chan, Malaysia. +++ The presentation style of the trainer, which is interesting and informative at the same time, made this the most exciting ‘dry course’ I have ever attended. Love it. C. Yee Chan, Malaysia. +++ Very well explained content put into the real world. Royston F., UK. +++ I really liked the explanation of boot strapping. Aiste R. UK. +++ The real life examples are great. Simon B. UK. +++ Very good course. Well presented with lots of valuable historical background information. Daniel S., Germany. +++ The course was very clearly presented. Keith H., Hong Kong. +++ I liked the charts and the simplyfied ways in conceying complicated messages. Kenneth Y., Hong Kong. +++ The instructor is professional, precise and to-the-point. Andy Y., Hong Kong. +++ The course is interesting and relevant. Clara C., Hong Kong. +++ By far the most useful, practical and interesting course I have attended. Kay O., Hong Kong. +++ I loved all sessions, particularly the real examples presented. Benny S., Hong Kong. +++ This course was very informative. Harvey V., Hong Kong. +++ This course is excellent! Kenneth L., Hong Kong. +++ Excellent, short and sweet. Mark T., Hong Kong. +++ I learned many specific ideas that I can use in my everyday work. A training course very close to reality. Shi Hui J., China. +++ This was an extremly motivational and interesting training. Liu C., China. +++ He removed all my limiting beliefs about mind mapping. It is a great tool. Antje G., Germany. +++


Recommended Literature for Personal Development

The book titles are in alphbetical order.  You can change the order by selecting an alternative tab.

Title Author Publisher Year Topic
BrainLandBeyer MJunfermann 1994BrainTrain
Sprachenlernen leichtgemachtBirkenbihl VMvg 1987BrainTrain
Stroh im KopfBirkenbihl Vmvg 1989BrainTrain
The Mind MachineBlakemore CColin Blakemore 1988BrainTrain
GedächtnistrainingBrunsing ACornelsen 2006BrainTrain
The Right Way to Improve your MemoryBudworth GCox & Wyman LtdBrainTrain
30 Minuten für den beruflichen Erfolg mit dem Power-GedächtnisBurkart C et alGabal 2002BrainTrain
Age-proof your brainBuzan THarper Thorsons 2007BrainTrain
Brain ChildBuzan TThorsons 2003BrainTrain
Das kleine Mind-Map-BuchBuzan TMosaik 2004BrainTrain
Get AheadBuzan TBBC Books BrainTrain
Head FirstBuzan TThorsons 2000BrainTrain
How to Mind MapBuzan 2Thorsons 2002BrainTrain
Kopf-TrainingBuzan TGoldman 1984BrainTrain
Master Your MemoryBuzan TBBC Archive 2007BrainTrain
Mind Map HandbookBuzan TThorsons 2005BrainTrain
Mind MappingBuzan TBBC Archive 2006BrainTrain
Mind Mapping for kids seriesBuzan TThorsons 2004BrainTrain
Mind maps at workBuzan TThorsons 2004BrainTrain
Nichts VergessenBuzan Töbv-hpt 2002BrainTrain
Radiant ThinkingBuzan TBBC Books 1993BrainTrain
Speed ReadingBuzan Tmvg-verlag 1999BrainTrain
Use Your HeadBuzan TBBC Books /2007BrainTrain
The Speed Reading BookBuzan TBBC Books 1997BrainTrain
Use Your MemoryBuzan TBBC Books 1986BrainTrain
Brain SellBuzan T et alGower 1995BrainTrain
Brain TrainingBuzan T et alBBC 1998BrainTrain
Mind MappingBuzan T et alöbv-hpt 1999BrainTrain
The Mind Map BookBuzan T et alBBC Books 1997BrainTrain
Tripple your reading speedCutler WPocket Books 2003BrainTrain
ConflictsDe Bono EPelican 1985BrainTrain
Lateral ThinkingDe Bono EPelican 1986BrainTrain
Lateral Thinking for ManagementDe Bono EPelican 1984BrainTrain
Po: Beyond Yes and NoDe Bono EPelican Books 1972BrainTrain
TacticsDe Bono EFontana/Collins 1987BrainTrain
Teaching ThinkingDe Bono EPelican Books 1976BrainTrain
The Use of Lateral ThinkingDe Bono EPelican 1987BrainTrain
WordpowerDe Bono EPelican Books 1977BrainTrain
Highspeed ReadingDemann FGabal 2000BrainTrain
Brain-GymDennison P et alVAK 2004BrainTrain
Rapid ReadingDudley G AGeoffrey Dudley 1977BrainTrain
Das neue garantiert Zeichnen lernenEdwards BRowohlt 2004BrainTrain
Your Child without GlassesGoodrich JSynergy Books 1996BrainTrain
Brain PowerGreenfield SIvy Press 1999BrainTrain
Linkword GermanGruneberg MCorgi 1987BrainTrain
Bedienungsanleitung für ein menschliches GehirnHüther GVandenhoeck & Ruprecht 2005BrainTrain
Starting to reach study skillsIrving AArnold 1982BrainTrain
Menschliche IntelligenzKail & PellegrinoW H Freeman and Company 1985BrainTrain
Mind MappingKrüger FHumboldt 1997BrainTrain
Resonanz lernen mit NLPKutschera G et alJunfermann 1995BrainTrain
Mehr sehen, mehr hören, mehr fühlenLaborde GJunfermann 1997BrainTrain
Take Off Your Glasses And SeeLieberman JCrown Trade Paperbacks 1995BrainTrain
The Mind of a MnemonistLuria AHarvard University Press 1987BrainTrain
Mind MappingMüller HHaufe 2006BrainTrain
Erinnern und VergessenNZZ FolioNZZ Verlag Dez 2001BrainTrain
The Art of Systems ThinkingO'Connor et alThorsons 1997BrainTrain
MultimindOrnstein RJunfermann 1989BrainTrain
Cosmic Memory - The Supermemory RevolutionOstrander S et alSouvenir Press1991BrainTrain
Das KonzentrationsprogrammOtt ERowohlt 1994BrainTrain
Optimales DenkenOtt Erororo 1994BrainTrain
Optimales LesenOtt ERowohlt 1995BrainTrain
Der Weg über die AugenPennington GJunfermann 1994BrainTrain
Don't shoot the dog!Pryor KBantam 1985BrainTrain
Ageless BrainPsychology Today7469BrainTrain
Rapid ReadingRedway KPan Books 1988BrainTrain
Garantiert Schreiben LernenRico G L Rowohlt 1989BrainTrain
Accelerated LearningRose CAccelerated Learning Systems 1985BrainTrain
Accelerated Learning for the 21st CenturyRose C et alPiatkus 1997BrainTrain
Seing VoicesSacks OPicador 1990BrainTrain
The Man who Mistook his Wife for a HatSacks OPicador 1985BrainTrain
Photo ReadingScheele P RJunfermann 2004BrainTrain
Schneller Lesen Besser VerstehenSchmitz WRororo 2009BrainTrain
Self-HealingSchneider MPenguin 1987BrainTrain
How experience shapes the brain's anatomyScientific AmericanDecember 1988BrainTrain
How the human eye focusesScientific AmericanJuly 1988BrainTrain
The Hidden Mind - Special EditionScientific American7469BrainTrain
Wahrnehmung und visuelles SystemScientific AmericanSpektrum der Wissenschaft 1987BrainTrain
Gehirn & GeistSpektrum7316BrainTrain
Warum fällt das Schaf vom BaumStenger CHeyne 2006BrainTrain
Nurtured by LoveSuzuky SA. Suzay 1983BrainTrain
Mind Mapping & MemorySvantesson IKogan Page 1990BrainTrain
Kreativitätstraining Mind MappingWeiler PSüdwest 1999BrainTrain
The Einstein FactorWenger W et alPrima 1996BrainTrain
The Art of MemoryYates FArte 1984BrainTrain
The Right-Brain ExperienceZdenek MCorgi 1985BrainTrain
What Colour is your ParachuteBolles RTen Speed Press 1999Career
The Tao of CoachingLandsberg MHarperCollins 1996Coaching
Coaching mit NLPMaass E et alJunfermann1997Coaching
Change your life in 7 daysMcKenna PBantam Press 2004Coaching
Awaken the giant withinRobbins ASimon & Schuster 1988Coaching
Notes from a friendRobbins ASimon & Schuster 2001Coaching
Unlimited PowerRobbins ASimon & Schuster 1986Coaching
Einmal o.k. immer o.k.Harris T ARowohlt 1985Communcation
Understanding ComicsMcCloud SParadox Press 1993Communcation
Sicher auftreten, überzeugend vortragenMotamedi S et alRowohlt 1997Communciatin
Small TalkLermer SHaufe 2003Communciation
Games people playBerne EPenguin 1964Communication
What do you say after you say hello?Berne ECorgi 1992Communication
KommunikationstrainingBirkenbihl Vmvg1997Communication
How to stop worrying and start livingCarnegie DCedar 1977Communication
Wie man Freunde gewinntCarnegie DScherz 1988Communication
Aikido und der neue KriegerHeckler RSynthesis 1988Communication
Complete SpeechmakerJanner GCentury 1994Communication
Law of ConnectionLosier MWellness Central 2009Communication
Learning to ListenMaley & MouldingCambridge 1984Communication
S.U.M.O. - Shut Up, Move OnMcGee PWiley 2005Communication
Gewaltfreie KommunikationRosenberg MJunfermann 2004Communication
Nonviolent Communication: A language of lifeRosenberg MPuddle Dancer 2003Communication
Miteinander Reden 1 & 2Schulz vonThun FRororo 1997Communication
Anleitung zum UnglücklichseinWatzlawick PPiper 1988Communication
Die erfundene WirklichkeitWatzlawick PPiper 1988Communication
Die Möglichkeit des AndersseinsWatzlawick PHans Huber 1982Communication
Die Unsicherheit Unserer WirklichkeitWatzlawick PPiper 1988Communication
Münchhausen's Zopf oder: Psychotherapie und "Wirklichkeit"Watzlawick PHans Huber 1988Communication
Vom Schlechten des GutenWatzlawick PPiper 1986Communication
Vom Unsinn des Sinns oder vom Sinn des UnsinnsWatzlawick PPiper 1995Communication
Wie Wirklich Ist Die WirklichkeitWatzlawick PPiper 1978Communication
ChangeWatzlawick P et alWW Norton 1974Communication
InteraktionWatzlawick P et alPiper 1988Communication
LösungenWatzlawick P et alHans Huber 1984Communication
Menschliche KommunikationWatzlawick P et alHans Huber 1969Communication
Pragmatics of human communicationWatzlawick P et alWW Norton 1967Communication
Ballungsgebiete in der KriseVester Fdtv 1983Cybernetics
Die Kunst vernetzt zu denkenVester FDVA 1999Cybernetics
Neuland des DenkensVester Fdtv 1984Cybernetics
Phänomen StressVester Fdtv 1976Cybernetics
Unsere Welt ein vernetztes SystemVester Fdtv 1983Cybernetics
A Financial History of Western EuropeCharles KindlebergerOxford University Press1994History
BoomerangMichael LewisWW Norton2012History
Die Kunst über Geld nachzudenkenAndre KostolanyEcon2000History
Fool's GoldGillian TettLittle Brown2009History
Geld und MagieHans Christoph BinswangerEdition Weilbrecht1985History
Inventing MoneyNicholas DunbarWiley2001History
Liars PokerMichael LewisCoronet Books1990History
Reminiscences of a Stock OperatorEdwin LefevreWiley1994History
The Ascent of MoneyNiaill FergusonPenguin2009History
The Big ShortMichael LewisPenguin2010History
Why I left Goldman SachsGreg SmithGrand Central2012History
F.I.A.S.C.O.Frank PartnovProfile Books1998History
HypnosisJames T et alCrown House 2000Hypnosis
Time Line Therapy and the Basis of PersonalityJames T et alMeta Publications 1992Hypnosis
The Wizard WithinKrasner A MAmerican Board of Hypnotherapy Press1991Hypnosis
Tanz zwischen Bewusst-sein und Unbewusst-seinKutschera GJunfermann 1994Hypnosis
I can make you richMcKenna PBantam Press 2007Hypnosis
90 day success journalMcKenna PBantam Press 2006Hypnosis
My Voice Will Go With YouRosen SNorton Paperback 1991Hypnosis
Karriere und innere HarmonieBirkenbihl MOrell Füssli 1989Management
Der persönliche ErfolgBirkenbihl Vmvg Verlag 1991Management
Leadership and the One Minute ManagerBlanchard KFontana 1987Management
Putting the One Minute Manager to WorkBlanchard KFontana 1985Management
The One Minute ManagerBlanchard KFontana 1984Management
The One Minute Manager builds high performing teamsBlanchard KHarper Collins 1992Management
The One Minute Manager Gets FitBlanchard KFontana 1986Management
The One Minute Manager Meets the MonkeyBlanchard K et alHarperCollins 1990Management
The Empowered ManagerBlock PJossey-Bass 1987Management
The Web of LifeCapra FHarper Collins 1997Management
The 7 habits of highly effective peopleCovey StSimon Schuster 1989Management
The 8th habitCovey StSimon Schuster 2004Management
Your Best Year Yet!Ditzler JWarner 2000Management
Your Money or your LifeDominguez J et alPenguin 1993Management
The Effective ExecutiveDrucker P FEdition 1985Management
The 4-hour work weekFerries TVermilion 2007Management
How to be richGetty PJove 1983Management
Think & Grow RichHill NFawcett 1983Management
Synchronicity - The inner path of leadershipJaworski JBerreth-Koehler 1996Management
One Minute for myselfJohnson SAvon 1987Management
Retire Young, Retire RichKiyosaki RWarner Business 2002Management
Rich Dad, Poor DadKiyosaki RWarner Business 2001Management
The Cashflow QuadrantKiyosaki RWarner Business 2003Management
The Art of Management and the Traits of an Effective AdministrationKondaratos AM Malaspina2001Management
Get anyone to do anythingLieberman DSt. Martin's Griffin 2000Management
Instant AnalysisLieberman DSt. Martin's Griffin 1997Management
Never be lied to againLieberman DSt. Martin's Griffin 1998Management
Psycho-cyberneticsMaltz MWilshire Book Co 1960Management
The Art of the PossibleMarkova DConari Press 1991Management
Personal EffectivenessMurdock A et alButterworth-Heinemann 1995Management
Persönliche ArbeitstechnikOchsner MDr. Götz Schmidt 1994Management
To expand we divideSakai KIntercultural Group 1993Management
The One Minute Sales PersonJohnson SFontana 1986Managment
Kompetent VerhandelnBirker K et alRororo 1995Negotiation skills
Getting to YESFisher R et alPenguin 1983Negotiation skills
Influencing with integrityLaborde GSynthony 1983Negotiation skills
Negotiation: Winning more than moneyLebeau MNLP Comprehen. 2001Negotiation skills
Negotiation TacticsBrookes M et alAdvantage Quest 2003Negotiation skils
Core-TransformationAndreas C et alMeta Publications1993NLP
Heart of the MindAndreas C et alMeta Publications1989NLP
NLP The New Technology of AchievementAndreas et alMorrow1994NLP
Is there life before deathAndreas SReal People Press 1995NLP
Gewusst wie (Knowhow)Andreas S & CJunfermann 1988NLP
Change your mindAndreas S et alReal People Press 1987NLP
Your Memory A User's GuideBaddeley AMultimedia 1982NLP
Brain Power (Deutsch)Bambeck J et alGondrom 1998NLP
Applied Neuro DynamicsBandler RMeta Publicatons 1996NLP
Magic in ActionBandler RMeta Publications 1982NLP
Time for a changeBandler RMeta Publications 1993NLP
Unbändige MotivationBandler RJunferman 1997NLP
Using Your Brain - for a CHANGEBandler RReal People Press 1985NLP
Die Struktur der Magie 1Bandler R & GrinderJunfermann 1985NLP
Frogs into PrincesBandler R & GrinderReal People Press 1979NLP
ReFramingBandler R & GrinderReal People Press 1982NLP
An Insider's Guide to Sub-ModalitiesBandler R et alMeta Publications 1988NLP
Der feine Unterschied - SubmodalitätenBandler R et alJunfermann 1990NLP
Persuasion EngineeringBandler R et alMeta Publications 1996NLP
The Structure of Magic I & IIBandler R et alScience and Behaviour Books 1975NLP
TRANCE-FormationsBandler R et alReal People Press 1981NLP
The Black BookBasu RThe NLP Company 2009NLP
Please understand meBates M et alGnosology Books 1984NLP
Steps to an Ecology of MindBateson GChandler 1985NLP
CommunicationBateson G et alWW Norton 1955NLP
NLP for lazy learningBeaver DElement 1998NLP
Stalking the wild pendulumBentov IDestiny Books 1988NLP
The Power of MetaphorBerman M et alCrown House 2000NLP
Emotional VampiresBernstein AMcGraw-Hill 2001NLP
Neuro-Linguistische ProgrammierungBirkenbihl VGabal 1987NLP
Was ist NLPBirker K et alRororo 1997NLP
NLP PocketbookBurn GManagement Pocketbooks 2005NLP
Know HowCameron-Bandler et alFuturePace 1985NLP
Designing your Heart's DesireCameron S MWatershed 1995NLP
NLP for Traders and InvestorsCarroll TTTL 2000NLP
Modeling with NLPDilts RMeta Publications 1998NLP
BeliefsDilts R et alMetamorphous 1990NLP
Dynamic LearningDilts R et alMeta Publications 1995NLP
Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingDilts R et alMeta Publications 1980NLP
Tools of the SpiritDilts R et alMeta Publications 1997NLP
Pattern of the Hypnotic Techniques, Vol. IErickson M HMeta 1975NLP
Therapeutic MetaphorsGordon DMeta Publications 1978NLP
Therapeutische MetaphernGordon DJunfermann 1987NLP
Guided Programs For Inventing Your Own Best FutureGordon D et alFuturePace 1985NLP
Das NLP Practitioner HandbuchGrochowiak KJunfermann 1995NLP
Ich weiss, was Du denkstHavener TRororo 2009NLP
NLP SolutionsKnight SNicholas Brealey 1999NLP
NLP-übungsbuch für Anwender: NLP aus der Praxis ..Kraft PJunfermann 1998NLP
Cutting the ties that bindKrystal PWeiser 1993NLP
Magic of NLP DemystifiedLewis B & Pucelik FMetamorphous 1990NLP
The Enneagram and NLPLinden A & Spalding Metamorphous 1994NLP
NLP Spiele-SpectrumLuther M et alJunfermann 1996NLP
Der MeisterschülerMohl AJunfermann 1996NLP
Der ZauberlehrlingMohl AJunfermann 1997NLP
Successful Selling with NLPO'Connor et alThorsons 1995NLP
Introducing Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingO'Connor et alMandala 1990NLP
Die Magie des Power-SellingOhoven Mmi business 1991NLP
The Magic of MetaphorOwen NCrown House 2001NLP
More Magic of MetaphorOwen NCrown House 2004NLP
The Magic of RapportRichardson JMeta Publications 1987NLP
Words that change mindsRose Charvet SKendall / Hunt 1997NLP
NLP im AlltagSawizki EGabal 1999NLP
Neurolinguistisches Programmieren - Was es kann Stahl ThMannheim 1992NLP
Triffst du 'nen Frosch unterwegsStahl ThJunfermann 1988NLP
Die NLP-Kartei: Practitioner SetTrageser W et alJunfermann 2000NLP
Introducing LinguisticsTrask R et alIcon 2000NLP
Exzellente Kommunikation mit NLPUlsamer BGabal 1995NLP
Abenteuer in KommunikationWalker WKlett-Cotta 1996NLP
Stichwort: NLPWinarski RHeyne 1997NLP
NLP & RelationshipsO'Connor et alThorsons 2000Relationships
Mars and Venus on a dateGray JVermilion 1997Relationships
Feel the fear and do it anywayJeffers SArrow 1991Relationships
Seduction for menMoh Hon MengPrentice Hall 1998Relationships
Risk ManagementMichel Crouhy et alMcGraw-Hill2001Riskmanagement
Time ManagementDouglass MAdvantage Quest 1998Time Management
MOMOEnde MThienemann 1973Time Management
Successful Time MangementFerner JWiley 1995Time Management
Die ZeitfalleMackenzie ASauer-Verlag 1995Time Management
Zeitmanagement MethodenRoth W et alGABAL 1994Time Management
Das 1x1 des Zeit-ManagementSeiwert Lmvg Verlag 1996Time Management
Selbst-ManagementSeiwert Lmvg Verlag 1995Time Management
Train the trainerBirkenbihl Mmi 1997Train the Trainer
Inspirational TrainingCartey RGolden 2010Train the Trainer
Erfolgreich unterrichtenCrittin J-PHaupt 1993Train the Trainer
Lehren und Trainieren in der WeiterbildungDörring K et alBeltz 1997Train the Trainer
AnfangssituationenGeissler KBeltz 1997Train the Trainer
SchlusssituationenGeissler KBeltz1994Train the Trainer
NLP für LehrerGrinder MVAK 1989Train the Trainer
Des Lehrers WundertüteLloyd LVAK 1991Train the Trainer
Games Trainers PlayNewstrom J et alMcGraw-Hill 1980Train the Trainer
Training with NLPO'Connor et alThorsons 1994Train the Trainer
Kreativ lehren und lernenSkill-AutorenteamGabal 1995Train the Trainer
NLP in SeminarenUlsamer BGabal 1994Train the Trainer
Professionelle GesprächsführungWeisbach C-RDTV 1997Train the Trainer
Zuhören und VerstehenWeisbach et alRowohlt 1986Train the Trainer
The Man who Planted TreesGiono JHarvill 1995
Emotionale IntelligenzGoleman Ddtv 1999
AkupressurLie F TFalken Verlag 1994
Way of the peaceful warriorMillman DKramer 1984
The Celestine ProphecyRedfield JBantam Books 1994
Der Dativ ist dem Genetiv sein TodSick BKiWi 2004
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