+++ I enjoyed the course very much and learned a lot. Petros is a great teacher! There wasn’t a boring moment at all. Besides, I appreciated his effort to address my most important issues. Thank you very much for everything! Loes F., Netherlands. +++ Absolutely the best training I have attended. Z. Chunmao, China. +++ Interesting, creative, surprising training. You will enjoy it. Marlena S., Poland. +++ The trainer was awesome. Mitchell S., Australia. +++ The trainer was very motivating and entertaining. Very good structure, never boring. Monika L., Dubai. +++ Petros manages to break down difficult topics into understandable building blocks. David R., UK. +++ Petros provides an excellent training course both on clarifying details and providing me with an overall understanding of the fixed income world that I did not have before. Within weeks of attending the course I got promoted to a more senior role. Merlin M., USA. +++ His focused training interventions provided me with all I needed to pass my exams. Henry M., Switzerland. +++ I got all my staff trained by Petros and their understanding of Capital Markets has taken a quantum leap. Lee W., USA. +++ Excellent course. Manik A., USA. +++ This is the best course I have ever attended. Cornelius P., USA. +++ I learned very much from my Bonds course taught by Petros Geroulanos. The course not only provided me with the tools to understand and price bonds, but also with other useful practical information. It was a multicultural class of quality and respect. It was dynamic with clear and accurate information. It is highly recommendable. Fides N., Mexico. +++ The course was informative, interesting and pertinent to the national and international markets. It provided me with background knowledge and a clear understanding of the Bond arena. I would definitely recommend the course and more importantly Mr Geroulanos. He is not only well versed on the course material but an excellent presenter. Malanee N., South Africa. +++ All three days where excellent. Brett M., USA. +++ Petros is simply excellent. Thanks to his clarity, very complex issues become easy and understandable to the great satisfaction of trainees. I go back very often to the notes of that seminar and find them at any time clear and useful. Anna G., Italy. +++ Petros guided us wonderfully through the material. He would spare no expense to answer questions and make his answers relevant to all. Maximilian H., Germany. +++ I have attended a number of courses conducted by Petros (including capital markets and Basel related courses) over the past few years. I have learnt a great deal during those courses – Petros is an excellent lecturer; not only is he technically sound, he would ensure that the content of his courses are kept up-to-date with case studies which are relevant to the current market environment, globally as well as within Asia. Petros is a very effective communicator – his classes are never dull and he always keeps the participants engaged. Petros is certainly one of the best course conductors I’ve seen and I definitely would not hesitate to sign up for another relevant course conducted by him. Kingston P., Singapore. +++ I never thought I would learn that much in your class. Aymeric C., France. +++ All fantastic! Dale P., South Africa. +++ The use of practical examples to explain concepts made it easy to understand and remember. Matlhodi S., South Africa. +++ Petros’ excellent knowledge and use of relevant examples kept the 4-day course very interesting. Zaba G., South Africa. +++ I learnt sooo much from the course: Advanced Bonds, Swaps and other Fixed Income Applications Workshop. Thanks for making the course so interactive, made a huge difference in the learning! Neevashni P., South Africa. +++ This course is much more practical compared with other courses I have attended. Fatayl A., Malaysia. +++ Very practical course. Can be applied to the job. John C., Malaysia. +++ This course was much better than what I have attended in the past. It is good to know the history behind the birth of various financial instruments. Puneet B., USA. +++ Better explanations of basic concepts than I have seen before. Griffin N., USA. +++ Knowledgeable and clear spoken instructor made the course feel faster. I liked the lack of PowerPoint. Douglas I., USA. +++ Very good. Good ‘story’ and build up. I appreciated Petros ability to ‘wrap’ and ‘tie’ the topics. Ian G., USA. +++ Much more in-depth than MBA level courses. Kevin Y., USA. +++ Content was extremely useful and delivered effectively. Fantastic presentations skills. Matt T., USA. +++ The most interesting thing has been the stories through which the content was contextualised. Wan Muhammad ., Malaysia. +++ I loved the case studies and real stories about the financial crisis. Esvina C., Malaysia. +++ The math behind the different theories and how they are interlinked was the best part of this course. T. Wei Jian, Malaysia. +++ The extensive coverage of relevant concepts/principals and relevant real life examples and case studies made this a most valuable experience. Darrel N., Malaysia. +++ This course allowed me to understand the banking world, the products and the current situation in the global financial markets. Ahmad Sheran S., Malaysia. +++ Able to keep participants interested and awake on a very dry subject matter. Jacqueline R., Malaysia. +++ The illustration of the building blocks of swaps was amazing. C. Chong Hin, Malaysia. +++ Petros is a very experienced course director using real life case studies as examples to illustrate a point. This helped my understanding. Alain P., Malaysia. +++ It was great to follow your course. Probably one of the best teaching experiences I've ever had! I'm currently working in the structured product department in Capital Markets and I'm using my learnings in fixed income on an everyday basis. Sébastien N., France. +++ Many thanks for the two weeks you spent with us, frankly you are the best professor we have met here and the one inspired us the most. Skema student, France. +++ Thank you very much, Mister Geroulanos, for the last unforgettable two weeks and the excellent lectures. L. Ding, China. +++ I took Mr PETROS's Fixed income class at SKEMA business school. He is one of the greatest teachers I’ve met. He makes challenging concepts easy to understand. Yassine C., Morocco. +++ The way Petros teaches makes it very understandable and very interesting. It is undoubtedly the best course and teacher I’ve had in financial markets. Tony L., France. +++ Thank you very much for teaching us those days. You are one of the best teachers I have ever met. L. Yanwen, China. +++ Petros provided a very good overview of the international market and the input of regulatory constraints on Malaysian banks. Megat O., Malaysia. +++ Mr Petros is excellent in keeping the attention level of the course participants high. He is engaging and does a good job in explaining the course content. Richard L., Malaysia. +++ His level of energy is appropriate. Very effective presentation skills. F. Hau Voon, Malaysia. +++ Development of great real trade ideas, market and regulatory update! Rohana D., Malaysia. +++ The class and speaker is cool. Mohamed D., Malaysia. +++ Although the training took only a day, Petros managed to cover everything that I needed to know. Excellent trainer. Noorfaizury F., Malaysia. +++ This is my 3rd course with Petros. He is always very clear and systematic in explaining topics. Lynn C., Malaysia. +++ Very clear, informative and comprehensive course. S. Hai Yoong, Malaysia. +++ The Money Markets and Foreign Exchange course is just as good as the bond courses by Petros. Much better than any other courses I attended. Julien R., UK. +++ The presenter covered the expected topics and also went out of his way to explain a number of topics that were requested by the participants. Overall excellent! Michail M., UK. +++ Good practical example and clear explanation. Seohan S., Malaysia. +++ Given the short time, the trainer made every effort to understand the area of interest of the participants and focus on the relevant areas accordingly. Bravo. C. Yee Chan, Malaysia. +++ The presentation style of the trainer, which is interesting and informative at the same time, made this the most exciting ‘dry course’ I have ever attended. Love it. C. Yee Chan, Malaysia. +++ Very well explained content put into the real world. Royston F., UK. +++ I really liked the explanation of boot strapping. Aiste R. UK. +++ The real life examples are great. Simon B. UK. +++ Very good course. Well presented with lots of valuable historical background information. Daniel S., Germany. +++ The course was very clearly presented. Keith H., Hong Kong. +++ I liked the charts and the simplyfied ways in conceying complicated messages. Kenneth Y., Hong Kong. +++ The instructor is professional, precise and to-the-point. Andy Y., Hong Kong. +++ The course is interesting and relevant. Clara C., Hong Kong. +++ By far the most useful, practical and interesting course I have attended. Kay O., Hong Kong. +++ I loved all sessions, particularly the real examples presented. Benny S., Hong Kong. +++ This course was very informative. Harvey V., Hong Kong. +++ This course is excellent! Kenneth L., Hong Kong. +++ Excellent, short and sweet. Mark T., Hong Kong. +++ I learned many specific ideas that I can use in my everyday work. A training course very close to reality. Shi Hui J., China. +++ This was an extremly motivational and interesting training. Liu C., China. +++ He removed all my limiting beliefs about mind mapping. It is a great tool. Antje G., Germany. +++


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